Apples Fuji Large

Approximately $1.19 each ($5.99 per kg)

Grown in Australia

What and Where Fuji is a variety of apple developed in Japan in the 1940s. Almost all of our Fuji apples come from David Byrne’s Hillndale Orchard in Wandin, north of the Dandenongs. Click here to read David’s story.

Flavour Sweet Texture: Hard and juicy

Use Fuji apples, like all apples, are suitable for being baked with cinnamon and sugar and made into a pie, a crumble, a cake, a tart, a slice or a sweet little pastry turnover. They are also suitable for being turned into a compote that is excellent with breakfast cereal or yoghurt.

Cooking Tip Invest in an apple corer; fill the well produced with a mixture of walnuts and sultanas, drizzle with honey, bake in a hot oven and serve with a good dollop of cream.

Selection and Storage Choose Fuji apples that are firm all over and have a smooth pink speckled skin that is blemish free. Keep in a fruit bowl or refrigerate to extend their freshness

In Season Available from March to December. Freshly harvested during February, March, April and May.

Producer Profile To discover the story behind our apple grower, David Byrne of Hillndale Orchard in Wandin, north of the Dandenongs, click here.

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