Avocado - Hass size ripe for today and tomorrow

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Grown in Australia

What and Where The Hass is the most widely available avocado in Australia. It has, generally, a smaller seed and a distinctively bumpy, textured skin. Our Hass avocado growers are based in various parts of Australia; see our in season description below for more details. We don’t buy from one particular grower; we buy whatever looks best on the day.

Flavour Creamy and nutty; less buttery than a Shepard

Texture Smooth and giving 

Use One of the joys of avocados is how quickly they can be turned into a taste sensation – from a salad- slice and add to some seasoned, dressed tomatoes, topped with red onion, to a dip- mash with some lime juice, crushed garlic and a touch of chili, to everyone’s favourite brunch– smash, squeeze in some lemon juice, add some black pepper and salt flakes, then pile on to toasted sour dough.

Cooking Tip To stop peeled or cut Hass avocado from oxidizing and turning brown squeeze over some lemon juice.

Selection and Storage A ripe avocado will give slightly when pressed gently. To ripen, place, with a banana, into a paper bag, seal and leave somewhere warm for a day or two. Keep in the fruit bowl or to preserve their freshness in the fridge. 

In Season May to July our Hass avocados come from Queensland; July to January, Western Australia; August to February, Victoria.

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