Broad beans

$5.99 per kg

Grown in Australia

What and Where The broad bean, also known as the fava bean, is a member of the bean family that is native to the Mediterranean, North Africa, South and Southwest Asia. Our growers are based in Mildura and, more locally, around the market gardens of Werribee and the Yarra Valley. We don’t buy from particular growers, we buy whatever looks good on the day.

Flavour Green and creamy

Texture Once cooked, tender but still firm

Use Broad beans can be blended, with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, to make a dip; served as a side, topped with fresh mint; or made into a salad with red onion, cherry tomatoes and basil.

Cooking Tip All broad beans need to be peeled (podded) and boiled or steamed until tender. Older, larger broad beans will benefit from being double peeled, that is, having the little grey skin that surrounds them removed. To do this blanch the podded beans for a few minutes, refresh in cold water and slip off the little grey skins to reveal the beautifully bright-green beans within. These beans then just need to be cooked, boiled or steamed, until tender.

Selection and Storage Choose firm, pale green coloured pods covered in a velvety down. Keep refrigerated in a plastic bag.

In Season August to December

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