Brussels Sprouts

$14.99 per kg

Grown in Australia

What and Where Brussels sprouts are, unfairly, one of the most maligned of vegetables; too many people overcook them and spoil their rather fine flavour. These edible little buds belong to the cabbage family and it is speculated that they were indeed first cultivated in Belgium, as early as the 13th century. Our sprouts are grown in the Yarra Valley, 90 minutes from Melbourne city.

Flavour Like a mild and tender young cabbage with a delicate nuttiness

Texture Once cooked, tender but still firm

Use Brussels are surprisingly versatile. They can be quartered and added to a stir fry. They can be shredded and turned into a slaw. More traditionally Brussels sprouts can be steam or boiled then paired with sundried tomatoes, lemon breadcrumbs, slivered almonds, toasted hazel nuts, grated parmesan or just tossed in a little butter mixed with seeded mustard or fresh tarragon or sautéed garlic.

Cooking Tip If you are boiling or steaming Brussels sprouts remember to trim the base and place a little cross in the centre of it. Remember too not to make the cardinal sin and over cook them! 

Selection and Storage Choose sprouts that are firm and brightly-coloured (there should be no yellow tinges). Refrigerate in a plastic bag.

In Season Brussels sprouts are available all year round but their peak season is April to November.

Producer Profile Our grower is Bruce Adams who has a family farm in Coldstream in the Yarra Valley. We will be writing about Bruce’s farming story soon.

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