Cantaloupe Whole

$3.99 each

Grown in Australia

What and Where The Cantaloupe is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, home also to other melons as well as various pumpkins. Cantaloupe was first cultivated in Iran some 5000 years ago. During the summer our cantaloupe is grown in Mildura and our preferred grower is Dawsons. For the rest of the year we source our cantaloupes from various growers based in sunnier Queensland and Western Australia.

Flavour Tropical

Texture Smooth, creamy and tender with a moist mouth feel

Use Apart from being sliced and simply enjoyed, cantaloupe is traditionally paired with prosciutto, for a modern twist add some goats cheese or a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Cooking Tip To keep cut cantaloupe fresher for longer, don’t remove its seeds; just clingfilm and refrigerate.

Selection and Storage Choose cantaloupe that is tender, even skinned (there should be no wrinkles) and has a gentle, fragrant aroma. Keep in the fruit bowl or to extend their freshness, in the fridge. 

In Season Available all year. During the summer cantaloupe is grown in Victoria; the growing season then moves to sunnier Queensland and Western Australia.

Producer Profile Our cantaloupe grower of choice is Dawsons, a longtime farming family based in Mildura.

Historic Note The name cantaloupe comes from Cantalupo, a town in central Italy said to be the first place in Europe to cultivate the melon.

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