Celery Whole

$3.99 each

Grown in Australia

What and Where A tall-stalked vegetable that is a member of the parsley family and native to the Mediterranean. Our celery is on the Mornington Peninsula.

Flavour Mild, green and refreshing with a gentle peppery finish

Texture Crunchy

Use Celery goes very well with various cheeses so it can be made into a salad with rocket, pear and blue cheese, for example, or with mixed leaves, walnuts and parmesan. Enjoy it in a gratin flavoured with bay and thyme, in a casserole with carrots, onions and garlic, in a soup finished with nutmeg and cream, as crudité with a dip, or as a classic Wardorf.

Cooking Tip Slice celery on an angle – it creates a pleasing shape.

Selection and Storage Look for firm stalks (they shouldn’t flex) with a clean, bright green colour. Keep refrigerated, wrapped clingfilm or foil.

In Season Available all year.

Producer Profile Our celery is grown by the highly respected Gazzola family who’s farm is at Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula. To read the full story of Luis Gazzola and his sons click here.

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