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Grown in Australia

What and Where Fennel is a hardy herb native to indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean. Our fennel is grown in the market gardens of Werribee, 30km south west of Melbourne city. We don’t buy from one particular grower; we buy whatever looks best on the day.

Flavour Aniseed

Texture Firm raw; tender cooked

Use Fennel can be used raw in a robust salad – goes well with black olives, sliced orange, roasted pumpkin, torn radicchio, shaved parmesan and batons of either kohlrabi or celeriac. Fennel can also be roasted, braised, blended into a soup, creamed into a dip or baked as a gratin.

Cooking Tip To prepare fennel, remove any tough outer layers and remove too its top stalks and fronds. Then Slice 1cm from the base, halve and finally rinse to wash away any trapped dirt.

Selection and Storage Choose fennel that is a pure, creamy white and blemish free– there should be no yellowing marks or soft spots. Keep refrigerated. 

In Season April to November. At its peak during July, August, September.

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