Garlic Australian

Approximately $3.19 each ($39.95 per kg)

Grown in Australia

What and Where An edible bulb that is a member of the allium family, thought to be used for medicinal and culinary purposes for 7,000 years. This essential, if simple, ingredient is considered native to South West Asia. When in season we buy our garlic from Nick Diamantopoulos who overseas 120 hectares of farms across Victoria, NSW and South Australia. When Nick's crop is out of season our imported garlic comes from Spain and Peru

Flavour Bright and pungent raw, deep, rich and mellow cooked 

Texture Hard and smooth

Use A foundation ingredient in many Asian, French and Mediterranean dishes. Garlic can of course also be a flavour within itself. It can be sautéed with everything from Borlotti beans to pine mushrooms and rainbow chard. It can be roasted whole. And let’s not forget it can be added to butter to make wonderfully irresistible garlic bread.

Cooking Tip The easiest way to remove the papery skin off a clove of garlic is to press the base of the clove down really hard on a chopping board – the pressure will cause the skin to split and from there you can peel it away quickly and simply. 

Selection and Storage Choose bulbs that are firm and heavy for their size with even coloured skin (there should be no mold or green shoots). Store garlic in an open container in a cool, dry, dark place.

In Season Australian garlic is in season from November to September. When Australian garlic is out of season and therefore not available we import garlic from Spain and Peru.

Producer Profile We buy our Australian garlic from Nick Diamantopoulos who overseas 120 hectares of farms across Victoria, NSW and South Australia. Click here to read Nic's profile.

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