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What and Where Kiwifruit is the best known fruit from the Actinidia family which is native not to New Zealand but temperate eastern Asia. The Kiwi was only so named in the 1970s when our antipodean neighbours began growing and exporting them in significant numbers. Our Kiwi come from various places throughout the year – see below for details. We don’t buy from particular growers; we buy whatever looks best on the day.

Flavour Sweet with a gently tangy finish

Texture Tender and smooth, with a moist mouth feel

Use Do an internet search on kiwifruit recipes and you’ll find all sorts of possibilities but for us this fruit is best halved and spooned out, just like we all did as kids.

Cooking Tip Like all fruit, kiwifruit benefits from being served at room temperature – the fridge’s cold temperature suppresses its sweetness and so its flavour. On a hot day, however, the coolness can be refreshing and welcome.

Selection and Storage Choose kiwifruit that are tender, even (there should be no wrinkles) and feel heavy for their size. Keep in the fruit bowl or to extend their freshness, in the fridge. 

In Season Available all year. The season in Victoria runs from April to July; beyond these months they are imported - from New Zealand May to December, Italy December to March.

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