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Grown in Australia

What and Where The lime is a citrus fruit that was first grown on a large scale in Iraq. Our limes are grown in north and central Queensland and in the Riverina region of NSW. We don’t buy from one particular grower; we buy whatever looks best on the day.

Flavour Sour, tangy and refreshing with a floral finish

Texture Fibrous and juicy

Use Limes have been used in cooking (and drinks!) for millenniums. Limes can be bring out the flavour of other ingredients or be the star ingredient. They can be added to everything from a savory dish and a baked treat to a tangy ice pops and a refreshing aperitif.

Cooking Tip When grating a lime, or any other citrus fruit, for its rind be careful not to go to deep – the white pith underneath is bitter and will spoil the flavour.

Selection and Storage Choose limes that are firm, bright, unblemished and feel heavy for their size. Keep in a fruit bowl, or, to extend their freshness, refrigerate.

In Season Available all year although supply can be in very high demand during Melbourne Cup week!

Historic Note In the 19th century the British discovered that eating citrus fruit could help prevent scurvy and issued limes, obtained from its Caribbean colonies, to its sailors who then acquired the nickname limey. The health benefits of citrus fruit was, initially, a closely guarded military secret; at the time scurvy was a common enemy to various nations' navies so being able to overcome it was a huge tactical advantage.

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