Peaches White

Approximately $0.79 each ($4.99 per kg)

Grown in Australia

What and Where The peach is a member of the Prunus family, home also to plums, cherries, nectarines and almonds. It is native to China and South Asia. Our yellow peaches are grown in various areas including Swan Hill and the Goulburn Valley. We don’t buy from one particular yellow peach grower; we buy whatever looks best on the day.

Flavour Sweet. Compared to white peaches, yellow peaches have a bolder, more assertive flavour.

Texture Tender, with a lovely downy skin

Use Like almost all fruits, yellow peaches can be cooked with cinnamon and sugar and turned into a pie, a crumble, a cake, a tart, a slice, a pastry turnover, or simply served as a compote with tangy some yoghurt.

Cooking Tip Remember that if you are enjoying yellow peaches pure, simple and as they are, they’ll taste at their best, as with all fruit, at room temperature – cooler temperatures suppress their sweetness and so their flavour.

Selection and Storage Choose yellow peaches that are plump and tender (but with no soft spots). If the peaches are not quite ripe enough for your liking, place them in a sealed paper bag and leave somewhere warm for a day or two. Once ripe keep refrigerated.

In Season December to May 

Historic Note Peaches were highly prized in Ancient China; their blossoms appear before their leaves which was taken a sign of strength and vitality, powerful enough to dispel harmful spirits. When early rulers of China visited their territories, they were preceded by sorcerers “armed with” peach branches which would, it was thought, protect them from harmful spirits.

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