Pears William

Approximately $0.87 each ($3.99 per kg)

What and Where A medium to large pear that is, like the Beurre Bosc variety, a great all rounder; well suited for cooking, eating raw in salads or enjoying just as it is. Our pears come from various Shepparton-based growers.

Flavour Sweet and juicy

Texture Softer than a Beurre Bosc

Use Pears, like most fruits, can be cooked with some cinnamon and sugar and maybe some vanilla too and made into sweet baked treats but they can also be turned into crisp, savory salads, with walnuts and goats cheese or with hazelnuts and blue cheese, or radicchio and parmesan.

Cooking Tip To prevent a peeled or cut pear from turning brown, place the fruit in a bowl of water with a few slices of lemon for 3-5 minutes.

Selection and Storage Choose pears that are firm all over and have a smooth even skin. Keep in a fruit bowl, away from any bananas, or in the fridge.

In Season  February to April

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