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Grown in Australia

What and Where Rhubarb, often thought of as a fruit, is actually a vegetable with an edible stalk native to Siberia; it is said to have grown wild along the Volga, the river that runs through Russia. Our rhubarb is grown on the Mornington Peninsula.

Flavour Tart and tangy

Texture Soft and silky once cooked

Use Rhubarb is traditionally turned into a jam, a compote or used in baking; think pie, crumble, tarts, muffins and cakes. It goes particularly well with cinnamon, ginger, strawberries, pear, apples and almonds (plus cream and custard!).

Cooking Tip Rhubarb contains quite a lot of water which is released when the vegetable is cooked so to boil rhubarb you only need to just cover the sliced stalks.

Selection and Storage Choose firm stalks that are a beautiful, deep, burnished red. Keep refrigerated.

In Season Available all year

Producer Profile We will soon by writing about Jim Cockrane, his son James and their farming story.

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