Sweet Corn

$2.49 each

Grown in Australia

What and Where Sweet corn is a variety of maize with a high sugar content, hence its descriptive name. It is said to be indigenous to the US and is thought to have been grown by several native American tribes. Our sweet corn is grown in Victoria and Queensland, see below for details. We don’t buy from particular growers, we buy whatever looks best on the day.

Flavour Sweet!

Texture Tender but still with a bite

Use You can remove the kernels and add them to pies, patties, frittatas, enchiladas, soups, dips and more but we think corn is best enjoyed on the cob – just boil, butter and season, or, even better, chargrill or barbeque and sprinkled with lemon juice and salt. A simple, if messy, pleasure.

Cooking Tip To remove the kernels, place the cob end down onto a chopping board then slice along its length with a sharp knife.

Selection and Storage Choose sweet corn with pale green husks that are partly opened to reveal, underneath, silky white threads and golden yellow kernels. Refrigerate in a plastic bag.

In Season Available all year. From January to May our sweet corn is grown in Gippsland; for the rest of the year it comes from Queensland.

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