Sweet Potatoes Gold

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    What and Where A large, tube-shaped potato with warm, orange coloured skin and flesh. Our sweet potatoes are grown in Bundaberg. We tend to buy from two main growers, Darren Zunker and the Holt family.

    Texture Firm

    Use Sweet flavoured sweet potatoes are great for roasting and baking, turning into mash and adding to soups and salads.

    Cooking Tip Remember that different sized potatoes will cook at different rates so to ensure even cooking choose, or cut up, even shaped ones.

    Selection and Storage Choose potatoes that are firm (not spongy) and evenly coloured (there should be show now of a greenish tinge). Store in a paper or cotton bag in a cool, dark and dry place.

    In Season All year

    Producer Profile We buy most of sweet potatoes from two growers in Bundaberg, Darren Zunker and the Holt family. 

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