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This week our produce of the week is Broad Beans produced locally in Victoria. The Broad bean, also known as the Fava bean, is a member of the legume family, and are a great source of protein and carbohydrates, as well as well as Vitamins A, B1 and B2. Broad beans need to be peeled (podded) and boiled and steamed until tender. Put the beans in a pan, cover with boiling water, return to the boil and cook for 3-5 minutes. Then drain, empty into cold water, slit each pod along its seam and run your thumb along the furry inside to push the beans out. Choose firm, pale, green coloured pods covered in velvety down. Keep refrigerated in a plastic bag. 


The first of the season, we now have peaches available in store! From Queensland, we have yellow and white peaches available, with a great taste, and a good size. Not too long until we see more varieties of stone fruit in store.

Blueberries from Northern NSW are now in peak harvest season, they are the cheapest ever and tasting great.

The Northern Australian mangoes are now being harvested with more quantity, and the price is down and the flavour is up. We have 2 sizes at the moment, large and small. The smaller ones are great value, and the larger ones probably taste better. Both have a great flavour. 

Queensland strawberries are great and very cheap at the moment, we have Bernies's 250gram punnets, Tina's 375 gram trays and organic strawberries. The organic strawberries are on special this week. 

Red flesh Cara Cara navel oranges are eating exceptionally well, as are the organic navel oranges. The organic navels are also a great price at the moment. Tangelos and blood oranges are also in store and online. Our favourite grower, Eric Wright from Mildura is supplying us with our navel and cara cara oranges, you must taste them.

Modi apples are a newish variety, bred in Italy, grown in Northern Victoria. They are a lovely apple and are also unwaxed and a great price. 

Don't forget pineapples are also good for those suffering with colds, the Aus Jubilee variety is particularly good.

Hass avocados from South Australia have started finally. These avocados are naturally ripened, not forced and are deliciously flavoursome. 

Local Thompson green seedless grapes and crimson grapes have finished.

Tomatoes continue to be cheap, including organic tomatoes and cherry tomatoes which are on special this week. Sweet cocktail Adelaide tomatoes are at the end of the season, so grab them while they are still here. 


Our broccoli, broccolini and cauliflower are great value this week! 

Conventional beans have eased in price as have the conventional snowpeas, sugarsnap and peas, our organic beans are however in short supply but we are still stocking both. Our organic zucchini is also in short supply this week and so we are stocking only conventional zucchini. Our Victorian Brussels Sprouts season will be ending soon but we will still have Brussels Sprouts from Australia available. At the moment we have organic red cabbages, organic plain cabbages and organic broccoli are in great value and cheaper price than usual.

Conventional asparagus has increased in supply and the price is cheaper. We are now stocking baby asparagus and as well organic asparagus.

On the salad front, most leafy veg are in shortish supply as are organic carrots, but we are getting enough. Organic Tuscan kale this week is limited and even though we do stock organic curly kale, we are stocking only conventional Tuscan kale. Organic Silverbeet and rainbow chard are plentiful this week.

Our potatoes are exceptional at the moment, and we are stocking a great range including washed, cocktail, desiree, dutch cream, kipfler, royal blue, sebago. We have both organic and conventional sweet potatoes available and we are also stocking mini sweet potatoes which are perfect for roasting.

Our herb bunches continue to be fresh and abundant and this week, packed full of flavour and the bunches are decent size. At the moment we have a very limited supply of basil, however, we are stocking both conventional and organic basil, in order to meet our demand.

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