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This week our top pick is Passionfruit from New South Wales. A sweet tropical mix of pineapple, mango and guava, passionfruit is pulpy, juicy and filled with delicious, edible seeds. It is a myth that to be properly ripe a Passionfruit needs to be wrinkled. It is true, however, that the heavier the fruit the more juicy pulp it will contain – so choose by weight, rather than wrinkles. 


Mangoes from Mareeba, North Queensland are the best of the season this week. They have that old fashioned mango flavour - sweet, juicy and perfect for eating right now. Just remember, the main Kensington Pride mango season finishes in the next few weeks, so enjoy them while they are in season and tasting great.   

On the stone fruit front, the cherries are great this week, with the lapin variety. The season will finish soon, so enjoy them while you can. We also have Doughnut peaches but keep in mind the season is only short for this variety, so get them now. Yellow nectarines and peaches are in good supply and eating well as are the Apricots. White nectarines are in shortish supply and the quality is only fair. We have both yellow flesh and blood plums in store - the blood plums are fantastic. Organic stonefruit is also now in fair supply. We have organic nectarines, peaches and cherries!

Local strawberries are eating well now, and we have  500g packs of smaller strawberries. Raspberries however are in short supply due to last weeks heat. The blueberries are in good supply and are great quality, and blackberries and boysenberries are also in good supply. We also have Moondarra Organic blueberries in store!

After another slow start to the season, local figs are available. The crop is down in volume but they are larger in size.   

Local valencia oranges are in shortish supply, which is very unusual. Normally its a line that is always available and I don't have to worry or run around the market, but due to the season, it's another produce line to stress about. 

Melons are in more plentiful now and we have local cantaloupe and honeydew. We get our cantaloupes from the Riverland of South Australia and the variety has a great flavour. Seedless watermelons are also good now, perfect for those hot summer days. 

Organic bananas are still good value this week. 

Our Royal Gala and Golden Delicious apples from Hillndale Orchards are finishing up for their season. We buy 90% of our apples from Hillndale Orchards and we like the fact that he only sells his apples when they are at the best they can be. 


Iceberg lettuce from Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula is in good supply and quality. With the better growing conditions, all of the salad leaves are now in good supply. We also have organic iceberg lettuce in good supply and is great value at just $1.99 each. 

We now have locally grown peas, snowpeas and sugar snap peas available, and tasting great.

The local asparagus season is now finished but we will hopefully have some in store next week.

Unfortunately due to last week's heat, some of the herbs are in limited supply. This may affect them again next week as the weather stays warm..

We also have local garlic from NSW now available in store. 

Potatoes have eased back in price. 

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