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This week our produce of the week is our handpicked green beans. A thin and delicate variety of green bean that, due to its tenderness, must be harvested by carefully trained people, not picked by a rough and ready machine. Our handpicked green beans need no special preparation – just trim the stems and cook as desired.


Mangoes from the Northern Territory are becoming scarce and we are waiting on North Queensland mangoes to ripen. We still have some nice katherine fruit and another variety, R2E2 mangoes which are extra large and taste great. The organic mangoes have also ripened up very nicely and are ready to eat. 

On the stone fruit front, nectarines and peaches are in good supply and eating well. Apricots are still pricey, but they are delicious. Cherries continue to be in short supply due to the very poor growing conditions and the price remains high for this time of year and unfortunately I don't think we will see the price of premium cherries dropping too much this side of Christmas. Whilst there are some plums in the wholesale market, the eating quality is poor and I won't stock them. Organic stonefruit is now in good supply and tasting great. We have organic nectarines, peaches, apricots and cherries!

Local strawberries are eating well now, and we have some extra extra large 400g packs. Raspberries have also started being harvested locally and there should be more available in the coming weeks. Blueberries are in short supply, but they still eat well. 

Our avocados from South Australia are ripening really well and have a great flavour and are a great price at the moment. Organic tomatoes from the "Fantastic" brand grown in Labertouche, Gippsland are now in store and tasting great. Our cherry tomatoes are also great value this week and are also from the same grower. 

Organic pink lady and fuji apple season has finished so now we just have organic sundowner apples available which are very similar to a pink lady. 

Local valencia oranges are in shortish supply, which is very unusual. Normally its a line that is always available and I don't have to worry or run around the market, but due to the season, it's another produce line to stress about. 

Our pineapples are stll eating well and our watermelon and cantaloupe are tasting great. The cantaloupes are coming from Queensland. We also have organic cantaloupes available. If buying one whole, you can leave it on the kitchen bench for a few days to really improve the flavour. Just remember, fruit tastes better when eaten at room temperature (except watermelon on a hot day, it needs to be cold!)


Radicchio is great this week as are the dutch carrots which are nice, young and fresh.

Iceberg lettuce is also in good supply and quality, including organic. With the better growing conditions, all of the salad leaves are now in good supply.

The local asparagus season is finishing in volume, it will still be available, but with less volume in the market, the price does go up. This includes organic. 

Beans have been a bit of a nightmare over the last couple of weeks but we now have hand pick beans from Mildura have started. 

Cauliflower, broccoli and broccolini are great at the moment, however organic broccoli and broccolini are still in short supply, but we are getting some. Organic cauliflower are in very short supply and the quality is poor. 

Potatoes are also in short supply, and will stay this way until Christmas. The potato growing areas have received far too much rain, leading to a lot of crop losses, less supply means the prices unfortunately go up but there's plenty of pumpkin for the cold spring weather.

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