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Produce of the week

This week our produce of the week iszucchini. Zucchini is a type of squash. It is delicious griddled then served as a side or stirred through pasta or cooled and threaded into a leafy salad. It can also be added to omelettes, frittatas, patties, savoury muffins and slices. Zucchini can also be turned into pasta where sautéed ribbons of zucchini replace traditional spaghetti. Our organic zucchinis are a fabulous price this week as well. 


Berries, berries, berries! On the berries front, strawberries, including organic ones, are tasting exceptional, and for the great quality, are a great price. Our blueberries from Queensland are also in season and are a great price. Raspberries are now cheaper and tasty as well.. The pineapples are still extra large, extra sweet and great value. If you get some brown spotting on the cut pineapple, this is caused by the fruit having lower acid, much like when apples go brown. It's fine to eat, in fact flavour is a combination of sugars and acid, so lower the acid, higher the flavour. Konfruit (they look like a Sumo mandarin) are still available and they taste great. The mandarin season is finishing up for another winter, so enjoy them now while you still can. All of our other orange citrus fruits are in season and bursting with flavour but our limes and lemons are still in short supply, but prices are starting to ease. We now rely on sunny Queensland to supply most of our other fruit, including our cantaloupe and watermelon, which are delicious. Bananas are a little dearer this week, but we are getting some great organic bananas. Mangoes are back in store and for early season Kensington Pride, the flavour is good. 


Hand picked Beans are in season now along with broad beans and butter beans. We also welcome local asparagus in store. Sweet corn and zucchini prices are coming down and should continue to do so. Organic zucchinis are cheap and we are only offering organic as the price and quality is similar to conventional zucchinis, if not better. Broccoli is plentiful and the quality and price are great. New season organic dutch cream potatoes are the pick of the spuds. Lebanese cucumbers are still in short supply, but most other salad ingredients are in good supply. Organic carrots are in very short supply, but we are still just getting enough. After some great prices on organic celery, cauliflwer and broccoli, the prices have increased as the supply has reduced. 

NOTE: When the price of organic produce is close to or the same as conventional produce and the quality is similar, we only stock the organic produce. This week we have only organic  zucchinis and passionfruit. Over the last couple of weeks we did only stock organic broccoli and cauliflower, but as the price difference becomes larger, we now offer both. 

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