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This week our produce of the week is apricots from Shepparton, Victoria. Sweet and creamy with a tender, velvety texture, apricots, like many other fruits, can be served sweet or savoury. Add them to a slow casserole or rich tagine, or for something a little brighter and lighter, a salad with feta, rocket and pecans or almond, quinoa and pomegranate. Bake them with cinnamon and sugar and add them to pies, crumbles, cakes, tarts, slices or simply enjoy with some yoghurt. Remember that if you are enjoying apricot pure and simple, as they are, they'll taste at their best, as with all fruit, at room temperature - cooler temperatures suppress their sweetness and so their flavour. Choose apricots that are plump and tneder (but with no soft spots). If apricots are not quite ripe enough for your liking, place them in a sealed paper bag and leave somewhere warm for a day or two.

The rain! We are waiting to see what damage has been done to our growers crops from the weekend's deluge. We do know that cherries and strawberries have been hit hard, it's terrible for the growers. As to what damage, we will have to wait. There was also damage done to our greens growers crops, but it will be a waiting game this week. 

My favourite nectarines have started, The Chosen One's. The whites and the yellow nectarines are instore and tasting great. These nectarines are truly great. We also have organic white nectarines.

The Katherine mango season is finishing up this week and we move to Mareeba in North Queensland. The Mareeba fruit are some of the best mangoes we will get for the season and later in the week we will also have Organic mangoes from Mareeba.

On the stone fruit front, peaches have been slow to ripen this year, but both yellow and white are eating well now as are the organic yellow peaches. We also have delicious blood plums available now, these have a very aromatic flavour. There are yellow flesh plums around, but I am waiting for them to taste better before putting into store. 

Lychees are back! The variety is Fay Zee Siu, and this variety has a great flavour and a small seed. Just ask when buying lychees as to the size of the seed, some are mainly seed with not much to eat, but I try and get the small seed varieties. New season dragon fruit is also available. We now also have organic figs available in store from Renmark in South Australia. 

Hass avocados from South Australia are finished, and the WA ones are great at the moment. Tomatoes also continue to be cheap, including organic tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.


Due to the heavy rain last weekend, some of our vegetable lines has been affected including beans, spinach and iceberg lettuce.

We also have Okra in store at the moment. My kids love roasted Okra. It's so easy to do, just cut them in half long ways, coat olive oil and salt and roast for 30 minutes until they are firm and crispy. While you are at it, quater some brussel sprouts and roast them the same way. The leaves go crispy and caramelise.  

Crops from Queensland were affected by rain a couple of weeks ago and following on from this, beans are crazy expensive, while sweet corn, zucchinis, capsicums and tomatoes are also all in short supply leading to higher prices. This week we have started locally grown snowpeas, sugarsnap and green peas, as well as shelled peas - yes they are back in stock! Furthermore, we do stock organic snowpeas and lovely organic beans.

On the salad front, most leafy veg are in shortish supply as are organic carrots, but we are getting enough. Organic Tuscan kale this week is limited but we do stock organic curly kale. We also have a special on curly kale at the moment, for just $1.99 each. Organic silverbeet and rainbow chard are plentiful this week and our organic dutch carrots and spring onions are beautiful too! This week we have also added organic red onion.  

Our potatoes are exceptional at the moment, and we are stocking a great range including washed, cocktail, desiree, dutch cream, kipfler, and organic sebago. We also welcome back organic royal blue potatoes. We have both organic and conventional sweet potatoes available and we are also stocking mini sweet potatoes which are perfect for roasting. Organic brown onions are also on special this week so make sure you grab them while you still can. 

Our herb bunches continue to be fresh and abundant and this week, packed full of flavour and the bunches are decent size. At the moment we are stocking both conventional and organic basil, in order to meet our demand. In addition to our herbs selections, we have added purple basil to add more colour on your dish.

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