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Produce of the week

This week our produce of the week is Strawberry tomatoes from Virginia, South Australia. Small enough for snacking and shaped like a strawberry, these tomatoes have an intense flavour and are one of the juiciest, sweetest tomatoes currently available. These lovely tomatoes can be transformed into hundreds of vibrant dishes. Enjoy in a rich and tasty pasta sauce; whole roasted; baked in a delicious tart or enjoyed simply atop a crispy piece of sourdough alongside a delicious smashed avo.

Blueberries are in great supply at the moment, and the flavour and price is great. Organic bananas are really nice this week, as is the price. 

Although supply of mangoes is light at the moment, we have put mangoes above becuase the flavour is good.  Australian stonefruit is starting to be harvested, and new in store we welcome peaches and nectarines. As October rolls by, most varieties will start to appear in store. 

Local strawberries have started. Although the weather has been a challenge for the growers, remarkably the strawberries are nice and sweet. If the weather improves, more berries will ripen and the price will come down, but looking at the weekend's forecast, that is not likely to happen for awhile. 

Our avocados from South Australia are ripening really well and have a great flavour. 

The pineapples are still eating well. Our watermelon and cantaloupe are tasting great and the prices have come down. The mandarin season is finishing up for another winter, so enjoy them now while you still can, the late season afourer mandarins are eating better than a few weeks ago.  Bananas are eating well, and we are getting some great organic bananas. 


The weather in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland is still terrible for our farmers trying to grow and harvest their produce. Good news is that Asparagus is fantastic, zucchinis, sweet corn, broccoli are all good. Kale is in really short supply with some growers not harvesting anything this week. Baby spinach has really been affected by the weather and the quality is only average. Potatoes are also in short supply, but there's plenty of pumpkin for the cold spring weather. The dutch carrots are good, but bok choy is small. 



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