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This week our produce of the week is sage from Clyde, Victoria. Sage, which is native to the Mediterranean, has silvery-green leaves with an earthy fragrance and harks back to ancient times when it was used in the healing of headaches. Choose sage with elongated, blemish free leaves. Keep refrigerated in protective, plastic sleeve.


Winter is early after a glorious autumn. The new season Imperial Mandarins from Gayndah, Queensland are now getting to the quality we expect. There has been some dry fruit in the early harvest, but the mandarins this week are better. The flavour isn't still 100% mandarin flavour, but very close. The price has come down to a very good price.

New season navel oranges have started in the 3kg nets. We will have loose local navels on Monday, 1st May.

Local Thompson green seedless grapes are still eating really well as are our conventional and organic crimson grapes. Organic sultana grapes have finished. 

Pomegranates are local, in season and great at the moment

We still have some really nice plums available. 

Unfortunetly due to the weather, our local fruit is dropping off in quality and supply including cantaloupes, strawberries and blueberries which are all in short supply. Due to the cyclone in Queensland, and the subsequent rain in northern New South Wales, these lines will stay in short supply for the next few months. 

Shepard avocados have finished, but new season Hass avocados are back. The quality is reasonable, but supply is tight for the next 2 weeks, then we should see the prices going down. 

Our William pears are fantastic at the moment. These pears have a great flavour and ripen quickly. We also have Buerre Bosc pears.

We got some great buys on organic fuji and golden delicious apples in 1kg bags. There are plenty of apples around at the moment and every apple is new season

Unfortunately our tomatoes have been affected by the weather, and there is very limited supply coming into the market. 


Unfortunately some of our produce has also been affected by the weather, including capsicums which are in limited supply, leading to an increase in price. The price of sweet corn, beans, peas, snowpeas and sugar snap may also rise as we head further into winter, however the quality at the moment is still fantastic.

On the salad front, Iceberg lettuce from Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula is in good supply and quality. With the better growing conditions, all of the salad leaves are now in good supply. We are also stocking a lovely selection of greens including organic silverbeet, kale, chard and spinach bunches. 

Cauliflower has come down in price and the growing conditions have improved, leading to increase in supply. Organic cauliflower is however still really poor quality at the moment and we won't be stocking it until the quality improves. 

Our conventional broccoli and broccolini are great at the moment as is our organic broccoli. Organic carrots have come down in price, and the quality is excellent - sweet, fresh and flavoursome. Organic celery is also still great at the moment and is great value!

Our potatoes are exceptional at the moment, and we are stocking a great range including washed, cocktail, desiree, dutch cream, kipfler, royal blue, organic sebago as well as organic kestrel. This week sweet potatoes are our produce of the week, which are a fantastic, and are great value. We have both organic and conventional available and we are also stocking mini sweet potatoes which are perfect for roasting.

Our herb bunches continue to be fresh and abundant and this week, packed full of flavour. We have also started new season purple garlic from Tasmania and also have organic garlic available.

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