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This week our produce of the week is Rhubarb grown locally in Victoria. Often referred to as a fruit, Rhubarb is actually a vegetable, with edible stalks native to Siberia. Tart and tangy with a soft and silky texture once cooked, rhubarb is traditionally turned into a jam, compote or used in baking. Choose rhubarb that has firm stalks which are a beautiful, deep, burnished red. Rhubarb wilts quickly so keep refrigerated and eat within a couple of days.

On the citrus front, Imperial Mandarins from Gayndah, Queensland have finished and we have started imperials from the Riverland of South Australia. Eazee Peel mandarins are also now in. These mandarins are easy to peel, seedless and very sweet. Afourer mandarins are also in store and tasting great. 

More citrus varieties are starting, this week we have Cara Cara oranges. Cara Cara's are a red fleshed navel. Tangelos should be instore on Monday. Navel oranges are tasting great,  just in time to ward off the winter coughs and colds.

Don't forget pineapples are also good for those suffering with colds.

Queensland strawberries are coming into season. We are very happy to have Bernie's Strawberries back in store which are tasting fantastic. The price has also eased, and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. We have a great buy on 500g punnets of Queensland strawberries. These are the seocnds, there is a few with maerks or misshapen, but the flavour is great and they are termendous value. 

There are plenty of apples around at the moment and every apple is new season. Our William pears are also fantastic at the moment. These pears have a great flavour and ripen quickly. We also have Buerre Bosc pears. Local, seasonal pomegranates are also great at the moment, perfect to add to warming salads and savoury dishes alike. 

New season Hass avocados are back and the price is coming down. Organic hass avocados are also cheaper this week.

Local Thompson green seedless grapes are finishing this weekend. The crimson grapes are still really sweet and firm. 

Blueberries continue to be in really short supply and very expensive and raspberries are going out of season. 

Unfortunately our tomatoes have also been affected by the weather, and there is very limited supply coming into the market and prices are extremely high, but the market should be cheaper next week. 


Our broccoli and broccolini, including organic, are great at the moment and organic broccolini are on special this weekend. 

On the mushroom front, we have wild foraged pine and slippery jacks mushrooms available in store in Elwood. We also have new season Organic Jerusalem artichokes in store from Glenora Heritage growers. 

Radicchio is also great at the moment, including the wonderfully coloured castlefranco radicchio. 

Conventional beans have eased in price and the organic beans are in short supply so we are stocking both again. 

On the salad front, most leafy veg are in shortish supply. Cauliflowers are cheaper this week, inlcuding organic caulis. I've been making cauliflower pizza bases lately, easy to make and very moreish. 

Organic carrots have come down in price, and the quality is excellent - sweet, fresh and flavoursome. 

Our potatoes are exceptional at the moment, and we are stocking a great range including washed, cocktail, desiree, dutch cream, kipfler, royal blue, sebago as well as organic kestrel. We have both organic and conventional sweet potatoes available and we are also stocking mini sweet potatoes which are perfect for roasting.

Our herb bunches continue to be fresh and abundant and this week, packed full of flavour but the bunches are smaller. We have purple garlic from Tasmania and also have organic garlic available.

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