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This week our produce of the week is organic tomatoes from Montmorency, Victoria. Bright and sweet, firm and juicy, these tomatoes are a perfect all rounder, suitable for salads, sandwiches, stuffing and baking. Choose bright red tomatoes that are blemish-free, plump and heavy for their weight. Keep them out, in a bowl, at room temperature; don't keep them in the fridge - the cold spoils their flavour. 


Plums, plums and more plums. It is definitely plum season now with an abundance of plums in store including pluots, sugar plums, organic blood plums, organic sugar plums, king midas plums with yellow skin and flesh and black skinned yellow fleshed valentine heart plums. Boasting a number of health benefits we also have Queen Garnet plums in store which have been hailed in the fight against obesity. 

Our local cantaloupes are fanastic at the moment, as are our watermelons, perfect for those hot days. We have yellow seedless watemelon as well. The taste is the same as red watermelon, but it's a nice change of colour.  

Shepard avocados are now in season. These avocados are grown in North Queensland and have a lovely creamy flavour and the added benefit of not going brown when you cut them.

We have a Kensington Pride/Palmer mango called Champagne Mango. There will be some Kensington Pride mangoes available over the next month or so, but supply will be patchy. 

We have a fantastic range of stone fruit including our yellow freestone peaches and clingstone peaches which are fantastic value this week. Organic stonefruit is also now in fair supply. We have organic nectarines and plums, but peaches are in short supply. 

We have Moondarra Organic blueberries back in store! These blueberries are amazing, simple as that. Local strawberries are in shorter supply, but the quality is good. The raspberries are local and the blackberries are great value and tasty this week. 

Australian lemons are in short supply, we are getting enough, but the price coming down as more growers harvest. Limes are great value at the moment. Local valencia oranges continue to be in short supply. 

Local grapes are now in season, eating well and the price is coming down, and we particularly like the small black currant grapes which are particularly tasty.

The first of the season,  William pears have also started. These pears have a great flavour and ripen quickly. Our Royal Gala and Golden Delicious apples from Hillndale Orchards are out of season, but we do have new season royal gala and imperial apples from other growers. The organic galas apples are pale skinned, with a sharp taste. 

We have started new season Doncaster tomatoes, which are tasting very nice. They are grown in Mitcham, and they will be in season until winter. We do have few options of tomatoes in the shop, with a variety of colour, including roma tomatoes, truss tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, roma truss and as well medley tomatoes. Organic tomatoes are now in store and tasting great. This week our organic cherry tomatoes are on special and we also have organic cocktail tomatoes which are great value. 


Our locally grown sweet corn from Victoria is great value and is tasting great at the moment. We now also have locally grown peas, snowpeas and sugar snap peas available, and tasting great. We also have local Gippsland garlic now available in store. 

On the salad front, Iceberg lettuce from Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula is in good supply and quality. With the better growing conditions, all of the salad leaves are now in good supply. 

Cauliflower is in short supply, with the prices going up. Organic cauliflower is really poor quality at the moment and we won't be stocking it until the quality improves. We do however have organic broccoli, but it is expensive. Same goes with organic carrots, they are in really short supply, but the quality is excellent, sweet, fresh and flavoursome. Good news however is that the price of organic celery has come down. 

Local asparagus is in very short supply, but we are getting some. The spears are thin, but that's just the time of year. 

Unfortunately due to the heat some of the herbs are in limited supply. However, the bunches are still fresh and decent.

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